YJM Light Co., Ltd
YJM Manufacturer Provides Led tube,Led panel light,Led strip,Led downlight
Led bulb,Led bar light,Led pendant light,Led wall washer,Led Bus/Train lights
Chinese . Spanish . Japanese
Tel: +86-755-89580565 Fax: +86-755-89580809  Email: paul@ledyjm.com
Led Tube
Led Strip
Led Bulb
Led Downlight
Led Plug Light
Led Panel Light
Led High Bay Light
Led Accessories
YJM Light Co., Ltd
Manufacturer Profile
The main products of YJM Manufacturer:Led tube,,Led panel light,Led strip,Led downlight,Led bulb,Led bar light,Led wall washer and so on, all of which are widely used in commercial lighting decoration, indoor and outdoor using.
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cases in Sarajevo International Airport
cases in in Ngurah Rai Denpasar International Airp...
Successful Cases in Japan
EngineeringProjects in China
LED Panel Light Application in Hungary
LED Bulb and down light appliances in Portugal
Vishay's new 24-LED lighting panels
Suppliers of TMG improve capacity to adapt to...
Osram Light Up The World Cup in South Africa
The Lighting Quotient's First LED Architectur...
Ledon Lighting helps the municipality of Lang...
GE's 4-watt GU10 LED wins Energy Saving Trust...
YJM Light Co., Ltd
Cooperation Policy
According to your monthly sale status, we will modify
discount rate to our distributors each month. Your
deposit will be kept for one year, and it will be given
back to you with your first year annul bonus. Deposit is
not for order payments.
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Here is the replacement of LED Tube light application photo in a conference Hall
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We recently visited our Indonesia partner Ngurah Rai Denpasar International Airport
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In order to exhibit the led light which is surely future lighting source
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we increased extra 3 production lines
to produce LED Panel light
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In spain, YJM downlights and are quite
welcome in Museumt, office,Art Gallery
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LED technology is increasingly being
used in LED Bulb and LED downlight
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